Landfill Mining

Oct 19, 2023 | General

CORE Environmental Consulting specializes in the excavation and salvage of materials contained in construction and demolition (C&D) wastes. A portion of waste materials in C&D can be removed, sorted, processed and recycled.  

The C&D waste materials can be sorted and recycled into the following constituents: 

  • Wood
  • Metal 
  • Concrete
  • Residuals
  • Soil

The commodities (wood, metal, concrete) will be further processed by shredding and or crushing. This will result in removal of a large amount of the of the mass and volume of waste being sent to landfill.  

The recovered materials from C&D will undergo primary sorting during the mining process. This material will be further processed to separate commodity portions from unusable materials as follows:  

  • Wood – Processed by shredding, typically on-site.
  • Metal (oversize) – Processed by a salvager in Edmonton
  • Metal (shreddable) – Processed by shredding, typically on-site.
  • Concrete – Crushed on site, made available for pick-up as an aggregate alternative.

CORE typically conducts the work on-site using mobile equipment (i.e., shredders, excavators, loaders, rock trucks, etc.).The commodities derived from this process will be held on site, then loaded and shipped to users on bulk transport trucks.  

Removing waste volumes from landfill is integral for a sustainable future, and the ability to turn waste into valuable materials is CORE’s artform and creative outlet. CORE is fortunate to be wealthy with contacts that both produce and receive waste materials, and majority of the time can find a beneficial end-use to most waste streams.