Great People. Great Solutions.

​We are partners and trusted advisors. Our passion is using sound science to provide guidance to our clients for environmental management. CORE Environmental Consulting is an employee owned company with a focus on our clients’ objectives. We provide well thought out, creative options to address environmental issues and understand that economics are a key consideration in any project.

Clear Solutions

The CORE team provides our clients with high quality reports, understandable results and workable solutions to environmental issues.
These are our specializations:

Waste Valorization

CORE has found new ways to derive value from waste and transform liabilities into commodities.

Environmental Management

Our team can assist with environmental assessment, facility, design and optimization.

Our Network

CORE has built a substantial network of partners and actively work with small and large enterprises that provide benefit to our clients. We partner with First Nations, private enterprise and subject matter experts to create solutions that fit your requirements while being a competitive, lean organization. We bring a wealth of resources to the table including: