Waste Valorization Services by CORE

Waste valorization is the process of transforming waste materials into valuable products, materials or energy sources. This approach seeks to convert waste that would otherwise be discarded into a resource that can be used for economic, environmental, and commercial benefits.

Core Process

Waste Valorization Methods

CORE works with hazardous waste streams, biosolids, chemical wastes such as lime, slurries and soil mixtures. The  process of waste valorization can take many different forms, depending on the type of waste being processed and the intended outcome.

Some common methods of waste valorization include:


Converting waste materials into new products that can be used again. For example, recycling paper can help reduce the need for new trees to be cut down to make more paper.


Using organic waste materials to create a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used to fertilize plants and crops.

Conversion to energy

Converting waste materials into energy sources such as electricity, heat, or fuel. This can be done through processes like incineration, gasification, or pyrolysis.


Transforming waste materials into products of higher value. For example, turning old tires into outdoor furniture or fashion accessories.

Your Benefits

Benefit of Choosing CORE


Reduced volumes of material being sent to landfills, incinerators and deep wells for irrecoverable disposal.

Cost Savings

Waste valorization is predicated on deriving value from materials. This directly translates to reducing disposal  costs and finding users that see and can pay for the valuable components/characteristics entrained in these materials.

Improved community relationships

Our clients provide resources and benefits to their communities and users of valorized materials. This strengthens relationships and improves community standing.


Experience the Difference

Instead of considering waste a burden we view it as a potential source of valuable raw material for sustainable industrial, agriculture, and energy production. We provide innovative methods such as recycling, upcycling, biorefining, and energy recovery .This promotes the transformation of waste into a valuable resource, contributing to a circular economy, and maximizing resource efficiency.

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