Company History

About CORE’s Company Culture and History

CORE Environmental Consulting was founded to do better. As part of our company culture, we treat our employees like teammates, we can use energy and resources efficiently to preserve what cannot be replaced. We can leave things better than we found them and we can create a company that will allow us to live this everyday.

Our relationships with clients, our technical work, and our culture are all predicated on the idea that we can be excellent. Our experts have a broad range of experience as waste managers, spill responders, and project managers. Our guiding principles keep us on track.

Our Mission

CORE Environmental Consulting provides our clients with new and better ways to preserve resources and manage waste.


Our Vision

CORE Environmental Consulting envisions a world without waste and environmental liability. We intend to use space, materials, time, knowledge, and energy in the best way possible.

Our Values

Growth and improvement

We value professional and personal growth and want to elevate our employees and clients to the height of their potential.


We connect industries and experts to find new ways of looking at old problems.


We are fully transparent with our stakeholders, staff, and clients.

Our Team

Our team consists of leaders in their fields.

CORE Environmental Consulting Culture
CORE Environmental Consulting - Leaders in our field

Our Culture

CORE believes that the potential of our company rests in our people.

Our culture promotes a positive work environment where employees feel valued, engaged, and empowered. It is a workplace culture that encourages collaboration, open communication, innovation, and continuous learning.

Our employees and clients benefit from

Clear mission, vision and values

CORE has a strong culture with clearly defined values, a worthy vision and an important mission, which guides decision-making and behavior across the organization.

Supportive leadership

Good corporate culture requires leaders who are accessible, supportive, and encourage feedback and growth.

Employee engagement

A positive corporate culture prioritizes employee engagement through opportunities for development, recognition, and a work-life balance.

Open communication

A good corporate culture values transparency and encourages open communication among all employees, regardless of their position.

Innovation and continuous learning

An innovative culture that encourages experimentation and learning from mistakes, and invests in employee development.

Diversity and inclusivity

A good corporate culture recognizes the value of diversity and actively works to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and respected.

CORE’s culture fosters a sense of community and shared purpose among employees, promotes mutual respect and trust, and strives for excellence in all aspects of the business. A positive corporate culture not only benefits employees but can also lead to increased productivity, innovation, and success for the company as a whole. We are an inclusive company that treats our people with respect.

Caring about our employees and providing an environment where they feel challenged, excited to come to work and free to put forward their thoughts and ideas in a collaborative, accepting environment.  Not every idea is a homerun but at CORE, everyone should be comfortable putting forward ideas and opinions no matter how tangential or wacky they may seem.  This is how we innovate!

Working in interesting areas.  CORE likes to take on projects that other companies may walk away from.  Where some consultants see challenges, CORE sees the opportunity for elegant (but not extravagant) solutions.

At CORE, we apply science and analysis in all of our day-to-day operations and projects. We attract people who feel a sense of ownership and accountability and we have fun finding success for our clients.

Canada, and the world, is changing quickly and we believe CORE has a role to play in driving positive impacts in society and in the communities we serve. The projects we are most passionate about are those which provide unexpected value for our clients but also help make the world better.