Who We Are

Employee Owned

Our employees are our biggest asset. We are always on the lookout for great people to join us and believe that our employees and clients are critical in setting the course of our company. Our employee owner group meets regularly to ensure that we are on track to achieving our goals and ensuring that we are working in a way that is emblematic of our values.

We Live Our Values

Our values guide our actions, who we hire and how we conduct ourselves. 
We are open and will be fully transparent with our clients this means delivering information in an understandable and clear way. 
We are creative and will search out the methods of executing our work that is client-focused.
We are meticulous and strive to become the standard in all that we do.  

A Note From Our President

We’ve all worked for great people and not-so-great people. Great people ignite our passion and enthusiasm, make us want to contribute to the team, and help us understand the why behind our actions and provide a vision that we can build toward. 

In 2019, a CORE group of environment professionals came together to build a new company where the culture is defined by doing something great. We decided that we could do this by:

  • Caring about our employees and providing an environment where they feel challenged, excited to come to work and free to put forward their thoughts and ideas in a collaborative, accepting environment.  Not every idea is a homerun but at CORE, everyone should be comfortable putting forward ideas and opinions no matter how tangential or wacky they may seem.  This is how we innovate! 

  • Working in interesting niche areas.  CORE likes to take on projects that other companies may walk away from.  Where some consultants see challenges and headache, CORE sees the opportunity for elegant (but not extravagant) solutions.

At CORE, we apply science and analysis in all of our day-to-day operations and projects. We attract people who feel a sense of ownership and accountability and we have fun finding success for our clients. 

Canada, and the world, is changing quickly and we believe CORE has a role to play in driving positive impacts in society and in the communities we serve. The projects we are most passionate about are those which provide unexpected value for our clients but also help make the world a little bit better (whether it’s a remediation, beneficial use for waste or meaningful employment at CORE!). 

We’re less than a year old, but it’s been a great venture so far and we’re excited for what’s next.  What can we work on together with you?  We’d love to hear from you.

Shawn Samborsky