It's All About You

We believe that education empowers our clients to make the best decisions possible. CORE project managers are able to provide detailed information sessions regarding any of the services we provide. We provide webinars and in person presentations which can guide you through the ins and outs of environmental management. We pride ourselves on creating a shared understanding with our clients and using this as the foundation of our relationship.
  • Waste Valorization

    CORE has developed pathways for valorizing a number of waste streams including high volume industrial materials, hazardous wastes, construction waste and organics. CORE’s approach looks at wastes as a potential commodity and develops pathways to unlock the value associated with materials of interest. The process relies on financial, logistic and market understanding to provide practical methods of producing a commodity from a liability. C2 Recycling, our sister organization, operates a waste management facility for the recovery of recycled materials.

  • Facilities and Infrastructure

    CORE can assist with the operation of waste treatment and handling facilities, permitting and licensing, financial analysis and health and safety monitoring. We will analyze and improve your current operations with respect to waste, environmental and regulatory compliance and financial performance. We can conduct compliance monitoring, obtain facility licenses, optimize waste management and environmental practices, produce waste valorization pathways and complete feasibility studies

  • Environmental Site Assessment

    CORE provides our clients with high quality environmental site assessments (ESAs) based on the data we collect. We provide recommendations that meet the objectives of our clients and take into account the costs, timelines and outcomes that our clients are seeking. We provide Phase I and II ESAs that meet all the requirements of the relevant CSA Standards. As well, we understand that the motivations of our clients need to be understood to develop the appropriate work scopes. We believe that scope, budget and timelines need to be tailored to our clients’ requirements. Our team uses the rigorous practices provided in the CSA standard CAN/CSA- Z768-01 (R2016) for Phase I ESA of properties to identify potential contaminants of concern. Then a Phase II ESA (following CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z769-00 (R2018)) may be used to identify these contaminants and determine the status of the site with respect to potential soil and groundwater impacts. CORE offers value in helping our clients choose how they manage or remediate their sites through systematic remedial options analysis. These analyses ensure that our clients are fully informed and aware of their options.

  • Hazardous Materials

    CORE can provide sampling and assessment of hazardous building materials along with continuous monitoring during abatement activities and closure reporting following abatement. CORE provides sampling and testing services for clients during or after emergency events as well as on a routine basis. This includes: pyrogenic contaminants following fires (char, ash, and soot), HBMs (asbestos, lead, radon, ODPs, and mould), ppb / ppt chemical contaminants (including PFAS), biological waste following floods and chemical testing following industrial emergencies.