CORE Environmental Consulting’s environmental site assessments (ESAs) are critical in virtually any property transaction Even residential property may have historically been impacted by previous occupants or have been constructed or renovated using hazardous building materials. As a property seller or vendor having an assessment of the environmental condition of the site would protect you from future liability.

The question inevitably is….Yeah, but what if I find something?

Finding environmental issues early is no different than an early diagnosis. In most cases, it is beneficial to get the jump on a problem. This allows property owners to incorporate remediation or abatement activities into their timelines. Moreover, it allows for passive, less intensive or slow rollout of whatever mitigation you choose versus having to undertake a much faster approach. In terms of remediation of soil and groundwater impacts, this can mean excavation and disposal rather than in-situ remediation or natural attenuation. Further, early detection of contaminants usually means the less vertical and horizontal spread of impacts.

To sum up, uninvestigated contaminated sites and properties which contain hazardous substances but remain unaddressed, take decision-making ability out of your hands and put your enterprise at risk.