Project Profiles

Our Latest Work

Geotechnical Investigation
CORE was retained to provide project management and field staff for a geotechnical investigation by Espira Engineering (Espira) as part of a Top of Bank (TOB) study for the rezoning of the subject property. The investigation determined setback recommendations for the existing slope TOB and other design and construction recommendations.
Rankin Inlet Remediation

CORE was retained to provide environmental consulting services and project management for the remediation of environmental impacts following a heating oil spill in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. During an oil delivery, the supplier noticed an oil leak coming from a pipe entering the house. An estimated 300-400 litres of heating oil was leaked. 

Fuel Tank Management
Following the bankruptcy of a fuel distributor and contractor in Nunavut, the trustee was tasked with resolving the disposal of assets and liabilities associated with this company. Aspects of this project include: inspecting the oil tanks, testing the fuel, data management, and analyzing costs for the decommissioning of the site which includes 36 tanks related to fuel storage systems.
Lime Sampling Program

CORE was retained to provide a management program for the sampling and valorization of 8,000 m3 to 11,000 m3 of lime from a clay-lined retention pond. Lime can be used as a soil amendment in agriculture as it can increase the soil pH and improve the quality of the crops by improving the resistance to plant pathogens (clubroot) in canola crops.