About Us

CORE Outfitters offer rugged, dependable products and apparel for your off road, back road and 4x4 overland lifestyle needs. From camping in the Canadian Shield to planning an around the world trip, we will help you to Equip, Explore, Discover, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.

Borne out of a love for the great outdoors and a passion for adventure travel, CANADIAN OVERLAND RECOVERY EXPEDITION (CORE) Outfitters was established in 2015 and is proudly 100% Canadian owned, operated, and dedicated to overland and expedition vehicle outfitting.

Overlanding is a lifestyle that anyone can embrace and is all about outdoor adventure and exploration, with the journey being the main purpose, and self-reliance being the key to its success.

CORE Outfitters have the products, knowledge, and experience to design and install the perfect vehicle based setup to suit your exact requirements. Whether you’re looking to equip your rig for a round the world jaunt, or just need parts for that do-it-yourself  job, we’re here to help.

And with more than 100 top-brand suppliers putting over half a million products at your fingertips we can offer the best pricing when you EQUIP-EXPLORE-DISCOVER with CORE

 INFO@CORE-CANADA.COM or 1(705)446-2673

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We are pleased to offer guided overland tours and our unique off road driver training courses (101,102 & 103)